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Flax Oil is Now Being Given in Substitute of Flax Seeds

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Our Mission

  • To fill the need for better alternative medicine education
  • To enable proper alternative medicine health management
  • To inform you of the various uses for alternative medicine
  • To make alternative medicines available to you via this site
  • To feature articles and issues about alternative medicine
  • To show what alternative medicine can do for general health
  • To provide a forum for you to share personal experiences

Additional Information

This site is dedicated to providing a clear understanding of the effects of alternative medicine on human health, as well as the nature of health itself. This includes the use of "ancient" minerals, phyto-nutrients, enzymes, enzymes therapy, natural vitamins, herbal medicine, naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, holistic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and Ayurvedic medicine to maintain and restore health.

Strictly Health knows when it comes to your health, happiness and well-being nothing is more important. Not silver, not gold, not all the wealth in the world...



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As seen in Health Magazine!


All Body Master Cleanse
ArthriLib (Arthritis Relief)
Colon Cleanse (Protector)
MigroSol (Migraine Formula)
Rhodiola Rosea


Immune Strong
Enzymes Essentials
Life Core Superfood
Omega Essentials
ProstaPep (Prostate Formula)
Tonalin CLA


Calm (Stress & Anxiety Relief)
Impotence Remedy for Men
Impotence Remedy for Women
Rhodiola Rosea


Acne Smart (Acne Treatment)
Cellulite Reduction


BioMazing HCG Drops
Carbo Rid
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Fat Burners
Hoodia Diet Pills
Lipo Rid AM
Lipo Rid PM
Melt Rx
Natural Diet Pills
Skinny Gazelle Energy Drink
Whey Protein Shakes


Mega Factor (Vitamins/More)


Acne Smart (Acne Treatment)
Hoodia Diet Pills
Skinny Gazelle Energy Drink

Natural Remedies For Life

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